Bali Dreaming Hard Surface Cleaner Concentrate

Bali Dreaming Hard Surface Cleaner Concentrate

Being at home in Bali is being in love with nature.  I have spent many wonderful years in Bali and I wanted to pay homage to the “Island of the Gods” with our probiotic-enzymatic cleaner. In Bali, one doesn’t go home and shut out the world.  Home is not a cocoon but a microcosm.  The Balinese call it Buana Alit, “the small world” of the greater world.  The front door is always open in a Balinese house, and the spirit of the house, as well as the spirits of the universe, are entwined.  When we choose to clean our home and use non-toxic products, we are also being good stewards of our planet.  Thank you for caring.

probiotic-enzymatic cleaner

-strong & effective

-safe around children or pets

-free from animal ingredients

-100% biodegradable

-natural ingredients

-non-toxic to aquatic life