Welcome to Green Bamboo, an environmentally conscious company located in Asheville, NC.  Our cleaning products are biodegradable, healthy for people, animals, aquatic life, and the planet.  I pledge to be innovative and truthful, while raising awareness through education.  I strive to be a transparent and conscious company that grows each day with friends, family, and community awareness in my heart.

At Green Bamboo, my goal is to be the premiere supplier of healthy cleaning supplies for commercial, marine, and residential clients.   I believe that it is just as important to be environmentally and socially responsible.  I choose to lessen my impact on the environment and provide a healthy and positive place for my employees to grow.  We are a brand that is known for excellent customer service and forward thinking.

My foundation is "Power to the Plants".  PTTP's mission is to provide assistance to those in need.  A percentage of sales each month will go towards these efforts.  These projects can be found on the website.

I thank you for choosing Green Bamboo.