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Posted by Julie Wishart on September 07, 2012 0 Comments

It seems that every day on the news, we hear about a new virus, flu, or bug that threatens our health.  It is no surprise then, that people are serious when it comes to getting rid of these germs.  

So, what to do?

Bleach, QUATS, and chlorine dioxide have been used widely throughout the world as disinfectants.  These germ killing substances are used in schools, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and homes every day.  Highly concentrated and inexpensive - these chemicals are often extremely over-used in commercial properties as a go-to cleaner for every type of surface and location.  While getting rid of the germs that make people sick is important, we must also be aware of the quieter, but equally as threatening effects of these chemicals on people and the planet.  The over-use of bleach and similar products contributes to bacterial resistance as well as poor air quality in your office or child's classroom.  Even more frightening - asthma, skin rashes, and cancers have all been linked to prolonged exposure to these toxic products.  The environmental impacts of these products are just as serious.  Runoff from commercial buildings and even homes is highly toxic to marine life and can have huge impacts on the health of rivers, streams, and lakes.  Also, "Dioxins, chemicals that can be derived from bleach through particular chemical reactions, have been demonstrated to be harmful to human health and the natural environment...Dioxins can have a number of damaging effects, including heart disease and immune system deficiency. Humans are also exposed to environmental dioxins through the food they eat, as the chemical accumulates in animal meat and byproducts as they are passed up the food chain." (  The research on these toxic chemicals has only just begun to scratch the surface on the impacts that will sure to be felt by ourselves and the environment if we continue to use them so freely.

Feeling discouraged?  Don't be!   

Luckily, consumers now have another choice when purchasing a disinfectant for their business and classroom.  The growing field of nanotechnology has created amazing new products, especially with the use of silver ions and citric acid to kill germs quickly and safely.  These powerful disinfectants kill all of the scary germs like Salmonella, MRSA, and the Norovirus, but without the toxic chemicals.  Bacteria, recognizing the citric acid as a food source, allows the SDC (silver dihydrogen citrate) to enter the organism and cause irreversible damage to the proteins- destroying the organism.  This product not only kills the germs, but also has a 24-hr. residual effectiveness on the surface.  Pretty amazing!

For more information on this incredible new technology, check out our website,  Here you can find information about this product, as well as our line of enzyme-based cleaners that will keep you feeling healthy and happy!

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