Our Company Culture

Posted by Julie Wishart on December 29, 2011 0 Comments

 1.  Be authentic. Build and have genuine relationships, letting each person know they are valued.

 2.  Constantly evolve personally and as a business, knowing that every decision impacts the planet.

 3.  Have Fun.  Allow everyone involved to be passionate, creative, and laugh a lot.

 4.  Be an active positive member of your community.

 5.  Inspire genuine communication w/ customers, employees & all involved, cultivating & nourishing a light heart. 

 6.  Give back because it fills your soul and it is the Universal Law of Balance.

 7.  Be grateful & humble. Offer to help each day.

 8.  Be in the present moment.  It is where all creation & manifestation occurs.

 9.  Question things you do not understand.

10. Dance, sing, create each day.  It makes your heart happy.

11.  Put action to your words.  Success has no limitations.

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